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Welcome to Bitterne Park Parish, a Christ-centred, sacramental and inclusive Anglican parish, trying to reach out to the wider community. We're pleased to offer rooms to hire to the local community.

lcome to our website. Our mission statement declares that the Parish of Bitterne Park believes in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and is a community dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus by radical inclusive hospitality, healing, reconciliation and wholeness.

There's always lots going on at the Church, so have a look at our events page to see what's happening this week. You can also join us on Facebook.

Every Sunday you are invited to refreshments between the 9am and 10:45am service.

The Ascension Centre has a café and a range of rooms available for hire. It also has some stunning stained glass windows and some fine bells.


A September letter from Rev.d Andy Smith

Dear Friends.

Just over a year ago I preached on Luke chapter 10.  “There is a great harvest out there” - Jesus said - “but there aren’t many workers - so plead with the harvest-master to send out workers for the harvest”.

I continued to wrestle with this reading long after I had preached on it.  I believe it had a particular contemporary significance for the life of our church.  There are 15 000 people in our church parish and 105 people on our Electoral role.  It is about 0.5% of the people in our Parish that have any connection our church. Now of course many attend other churches in Bitterne Park and across the city, but many, many more don’t.  Many, many more have no idea of who Jesus is.  This wrestling with a scripture developed into a prayer for us as a worshipping community, one which I know others joined me in. My prayer was that God would send workers for the harvest.  

This month Will Fairbairn and Nicky Smith begin their ordination through St Mellitus college with Bitterne Park as their training context.  This means that for the next 3 years, alongside study and essays, they will be engaged in mission and ministry here.  Maria Hembrow begins her ministry as a Church Army Pioneer Evangelist with us too.  Maria will have a particular focus within the Townhill Park community, seeking to see God’s Kingdom advance amongst the financially poorest in our city.  

God heard our prayer and God answered our prayer.  God is at work in our community and our church, he is doing a new thing.  Our first response should be to give this back to God and thank him for his provision.  Please continue to pray for God to work afresh in Bitterne Park.  God hears our prayers and answers them, let us continue to ask God to transform Bitterne Park, our city and our nation.  Please pray for Will and Maria as they get to know us and the wider community.  Please be praying for Nicky as she settles into a new role in the life of the church.


Revd Andy Smith
Priest in Charge